The Legend of Pro-Ma Performance Products

Following Henry Ford's mass production of the Model T Ford, American Scientist Dr R J Bell worked tirelessly to pioneer the world's very first fuel additive in order to optimize fuel consumption and improve engine performance. Bell produced a chemical bond that he claimed "would revolutionized the entire petroleum industry."

Dr R J Bell

Pro-Ma Systems procured this very same formula and using advanced research, state-of-the-art technology and leading scientists, we brought this revolutionary product to the forefront of the world's automotive industry.

Bell's original formula has never been able to be copied, nor has any other product surpassed its diverse and multiple benefits. More than a century later, Pro-Ma Performance Products is founded on this single additive, with key design advancements in formula technology, to keep pace with the demands of high stress engine environments.

Dr R J Bell

My additive is a new power, different from anything under the sun. My vision is to provide superior additives that improve efficiency, performance and engine life. R.J.Bell

Over time, these formulas have been expanded into a diverse range of fuel additives, lubricants and automotive maintenance products, with Pro-Ma Systems distributing these products around the world to the enormous domestic, commercial, industrial, agricultural and marine sectors.

Pro-Ma Performance Products continue to deliver the ultimate in power, performance and preventative maintenance technology. With over 30 Years Industry Experience providing proven products specifically formulated to give you the ultimate in performance technology.

Now that's legendary.


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